Neon works

Neon works

The ancient art of neon works: skilled craftsmanship and long experience

The ancient art of neon workmanship: skilled craftsmanship and long experienceWe are among the few who believe in the ancient art of neon workmanship. We have our own blower that produces cold cathode neon lamps thanks to three professional blowers who work with passion creating real works of art.
We shape the neon for any need such as letters, elements for furniture or realize filiform designs of any size and color according to customer requirements. Each neon tube is unique and will never be the same as another, this is because
they are entirely handmade starting from the raw material, that is a rod straight glass. Thanks to his art, the blower skilfully shapes the glass, handling and heating it, until it melts and shaping it with experienced hands and eyes.

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