Processing in plexiglass

Processing in plexiglass

Decades of experience in perspex processing

Better known by its trade names: Plexiglass, Altuglas or Perspex; it is a plastic polymer with exceptional transparency and gloss characteristics. Created in 1928, Plexiglass in its original form has remained unchanged to this day, although particular compositions have been studied over time, suitable for the most disparate situations; Plexiglass processing has become common, but although many can learn it, few can master it. At Gamma, Plexiglass has long been an indispensable material for the creation of signs, and over the years our craftsmen have gained great experience in modelling it and it is thanks to this experience that today, after over 40 years, we can boast an unparalleled mastery in its laser-processing, we can create any shape: displays, pieces of furniture and supplements, but also decorations or simple sheets. We create personalised items that meet each request, giving the chance to choose from a wide range of transparent, coloured,
opaline, fluorescent, satin and embossed materials. We use and sell quality PMMA, constantly probing the market
to discover better ones.

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